T.T.R Cupping (Wet & Dry)

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T.T.R Cupping (Wet & Dry)


T.T.R Cupping

Pre-requisites - Massage qualification

Cupping has become very popular and trendy over the past few years especially since many sports stars have been receiving the treatment and the commonly associated round marks are being seen in the media by the public, but it has in fact been around for centuries.

Cupping therapy is undoubtly one of the oldest methods of complementary medicine known throug out the world and is believed to date back as far as 400 BC in ancient Greece. It has also been widely documented that the ancient Egyptians used cupping for healing in 1550BC and evidence has also been found to show cupping may have been used in ancient China going as far back as 1000BC. It is still a well known and sought after form of traditional Chinese medicine to date across the world

Cupping is a Sunnah practice, used by and highly recommended in Islam by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a cure to all diseases. 

The cupping procedure itself involves mild suction created on the skin using special cups placed on specific points on the body. This mobilises blood flow to promote healing, and is believed to remove stagnant congested blood and lymph and to help improve circulation. The suction is believed to move the blood toxins to the surface of the skin, allowing the body to remove it and replace it with fresh, nutrient rich blood to replenish the body.This process is used widelt across the UK and indeed the world to treat a great number of medical illnesses as well as promoting general physical and psychological well-being.

There are 3 main types of cupping- Dry Cupping, Wet Cupping/Hijama and Massage Cupping.

Cupping is a treatment that you can add to your clinic treatments and have your clients returning time and time again

On the course delegates will learn Dry cupping, Wet Cupping and Massage cupping

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